Are you running a tech savvy event programme?

Events are mission critical to your business. As we move into 2022, you’ll need to keep your grasp of event technology sharp to keep your business on track. Do you have what it takes to manage your total programme of events in 2022?

Find out by completing 6 simple questions and receive a prize at the Cvent stand (D3) at AIME 2022!

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What is the best way to effectively carry out event management tasks?

Using an integrated event management platform

Its important to choose an integrated platform that enables organizations to manage and execute internal and external events of all sizes, complexities, and delivery models. A platform serves as a single system of record for the Total Event Program, enabling event organizers to maximize, collect and take action on event and attendee engagement data before, during and after events.

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What is a Registration Type?

A way to determine what groups of people see during registration, what they can select, and how much those items cost

Common registration types include Attendees, Exhibitors, or Speakers. The registration link assigns a registration type to the person who clicked it. Choose the landing page and registration type for this link when creating it. Details about the invitee determine their registration type, based off a custom contact field, internal information answer, contact group membership, or the total number of awarded credits. Set up the logic in your registration settings in Classic events or within the Site Designer in Flex.

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I am better off using event technology…?

To manage my total programme of events including events of all sizes

As event programmes expand to accommodate more audiences and formats, technology plays an increasingly central role in enabling organisations to execute efficiently, deliver high levels of engagement, and capture insights across all audiences and all event formats.

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You have decided that as part of your event programme you will have a healthy mix of virtual, in-person and hybrid events. To achieve this goal, you should…?

The one platform approach is best!

To maximise Total Event Programme impact, Cvent recommends organisations leverage one system of record to more efficiently manage logistics and capture and act on engagement to drive positive business results.

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You have a ‘Welcome Breakfast’ on the agenda. There is plenty of space for all invited and you’re charging $5 to cover food and drink. Should the breakfast be an included or optional session?

Optional Session

An included session is automatically included with every registration. An optional session must be selected during registration. In addition, optional sessions can have a different capacity and fee than the event itself.

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You need to prove your return on event investment and your return on event experience analysis to your C-Suite. What can you measure using Cvent Reporting?

All of the above is the correct answer

Using Cvent, you can view several report categories such as activity and engagement reports, email reports, event budget reports, event feedback, exhibitor reports, hotel reports, registration reports, session and agenda item reports and travel reports.

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