Event Website Design

Why does your event need a website?

Nowadays, everything has a website. From products to companies to festivals to dogs. Why? Because the internet allows us to find information easily, quickly, and relatively freely.

An event website is a key promotional tool that radically expands the reach of your event. It’s a tool that markets your event and makes life easier for attendees and planners. Most events have websites. But when you get down to creating your website, how do you make yours stand out? How do you build an entire website from scratch that is going to make your event one that people want to attend?
In this eBook, we’ll detail how to build, design, and manage your event website to create a user experience your attendees will love.

Websites are for the users,

not for the designers

You may think that you know exactly how to build your website. You know the key points you want to hit, what speakers you want to promote, and how big you want the register now button to be. 
However, it’s important in the design process to remember one simple thing: websites are for the users, not for the designers. What you think needs to be on the main page and what your prospective registrants need on the main page may differ. As you start to design, put yourself in the user’s shoes and build with their experience in mind.


This eBook covers how to build and design an event website but assumes that you already have chosen a website provider or builder tool. At the end of this book, we’ve included a bonus chapter that explains exactly how to build a website using Project Flex, Cvent’s drag-and-drop event website designer and registration tool.



Learn about the types of event websites, the elements of a web page, and what elements can be incorporated.
Read : Build



Three elements of design: typography, color, and imagery. Learn how they convey the event theme, tone, and more.
Read : Design



An event website should be intuitive and functional. Gain an understanding of basic design principles.

Read : Principles



No coding experience needed. Learn how to create a professional event website using a drag-and-drop site designer.
Read : How To