The Power
of Personalisation

How to Create Individual Attendee Experiences at Your Events

It's time to change the way we think about events.

The old way of doing things doesn’t work anymore. Attendees want an experience tailored to their wants and needs – no more cookie cutter, planned-for-the-masses events. We need to start changing up the way we plan. 

Instead of creating an event for 2,000 people, it’s time to deliver 2,000 individual event experiences.

But that’s a seemingly impossible task.

Or is it? With modern event management, the Power of Personalisation is utterly attainable, no matter the size of your event. In this eBook, we’ll walk you through what it means, why it’s important, and how to do it.


What is the Power of Personalisation?

What is the Power of

The Power of Personalisation is about having the ability to cut through the noise.

It’s about going a step further, past the generic, to deliver an event that attracts and persuades, delights and enthralls. The Power of Personalisation is about creating an event that delivers real value to every attendee – even if their values are different. It’s about using event management technology as a powerful tool, one that can help you customise your event regardless of size.


Why use personalisation?

When was the last time you looked up when you heard someone call your name?

Even if you don’t know the person, it’s hard not to respond. As humans, we engage on a deeper level with content when it’s specific to us. We seek to have control over our environments and to filter the hundreds of pieces of information that bombard us daily to the most relevant. It’s a self-preservation strategy, one that allows us to be more efficient and successful. We internalise information when we can connect with it and ignore it when we don’t. That’s why, at events, personalisation is so critical. By reaching attendees on an individual level, we create a connection.

Connection equals brand affinity. It means that a company can monetise customers more quickly and effectively.


How do you do it?

Creating thousands of individual experiences sounds time-consuming and expensive.

But the truth is, with technology, it isn’t. Event management technology makes it easy to use attendee data to:

  • Connect attendees to the content that’s relevant to them
  • Connect attendees to people that they want to network with 

It all goes back to event management technology. Without automation, personalisation for thousands of attendees is near impossible. With the right tools, you can create better experiences for attendees without draining your resources.

Throughout this eBook, we’ll break down exactly how you can harness the Power of Personalisation.

Each chapter will take you through the three main stages of an event - before, during, and after - to explain:​

  • How to create the experiences you want to create​
  • The information you’ll need to gather​
  • Where you find that information
  • And how to use it once you have it
The Power of Personalisation is about using technology to implement clear processes that give attendees a more valuable experience. After all, everyone wants to feel special.


Before the Event



During the Event



After the Event

After the


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