The Dragon of  Attrition Risk

The Curse of Reservation Errors

The Haunted Lands of Generic Booking Experiences

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The Quest for Room Block Greatness

Once upon a time, event organisers and hoteliers dreamed of putting an end to empty rooms, reservation errors and huge non-compliant spreadsheets that must be manually updated and passed from person to person. In doing so, they hoped to put an end to the never-ending back and forth between venue and event organiser.
Join the Quest for Room Block Greatness to make this dream a reality.
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The Dragon of
Attrition Risk

or event organisers, deciding what size room block to contract can be a tough beast to slay. Combine that with the uncertainty of delegates who don’t book within the block, and the result is something no vigilant event organiser or hotelier knight wishes for — unfilled rooms. For hoteliers they can find themselves facing an unpleasant encounter, potentially paying fees to online travel agencies or lose delegates to your competition. For event organisers the relationship with the hotel can be at risk.

Integrate with
hotel systems

Bid farewell to rooming list spreadsheets! Bookings made through Passkey feed directly into the hotels' reservation system.

Flexible solutions. Remarkable results.

Automated upsell opportunities with built-in email marketing tools. Easy-to-use customised templates and themes.

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any event

Cvent Passkey is designed to provide an exceptional guest experience every time.
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The Curse of
Reservation Errors

n a faraway land, delegates are condemned to call the event organiser to request their rooms, and the event organiser must manually enter this information into a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is then sent to the hotel, where the reservations team manually enters the information into their booking system. This process leaves the door wide open for errors, leading to displeased attendees, and extra effort for everyone involved. That’s not to mention the privacy considerations and potential GDPR breaches that could result from uncompliant processing and handling of delegate data.

Event organisers have seen a  


 reduction in attrition.

Passkey users have seen a  


increase in online bookings.

In 2018, Cvent processed  


reservations through Passkey worldwide.

“Room List Manager makes loading long rooming lists much easier. It is much less time-consuming to upload Excel lists from clients into Passkey via Room List Manager. [it means that] Spelling, dates and other elements are always entered accurately. With RLM, we can’t go wrong.”
“We would definitely like to work more with Cvent because they put us in front of so many companies; companies that at first glance, we wouldn’t have thought were interested in our hotel. And I think that’s a perfect match.”
“Our Passkey upsell strategy instantly began yielding impactful results for us. Sending an event-centric email campaign offering personalised upgrade packages has been extremely effective for us. We are even on pace to hit our annual upsell goal!”
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The Haunted Lands of Generic Booking Experiences

he delegates have successfully registered to the event and are tasked with booking their rooms. For hoteliers, call centres are costly and, in comparison to guests booking online, bookings taken via telephone take a sizable chunk out of a hotel’s profits. Unfortunately, delegates tend not to enter URLs and group codes — the legend speaks of less than 10% of group bookings carried out online.

Event organisers prefer attendees to book online as part of the registration process, but want the ability to tailor the experience. Building individual booking sites for every event is cumbersome, inefficient, and time-consuming for all teams involved.

Why Cvent Passkey?

Cvent Passkey is software to automate the fulfilment of contracted room reservations for the MICE industry. This provides benefits for both hotels and event organisers.

You and your team work hard, and you invest a considerable amount of time, effort, and money to help attendees get the best out of both the events they attend and their travel experience. But how do you make sure group reservations pick up and are as profitable as they can be? Cvent Passkey can help you do just that.

Cvent Passkey Benefits:

  • Enhance the booking process for both event organisers and delegates
  • Drive incremental revenue for hoteliers
  • Automate rooming lists

No More Empty Rooms.

Learn more about the trials planners experience and the resolutions encountered when using Cvent technology.
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