What’s Your Planner

The Year of You Edition

There are six core planner personality drivers. Discover which of the six is your primary driver, learn what it means for your life, as well as how to double-down on your best, and overcome your worst, to make this the best year of your professional life. The Year of You.
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When you walk into your event, you’re thinking:

If you were stranded on a tropical island for event planners and could only bring one thing, it would be

At work, what I crave the mostest is:  

Pick your planner spirit animal. 

Your colleagues describe you as: 

If they made a movie about your office, you would be:

If you could have only one item in your day-of event emergency kit, it would be:

Pick your shoes of choice: 

When it comes to #EventTech, you think:

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