Calculate the ROI of your external event

Get a 5-minute gut check on the return on investment on your commercial event, whether hosted or attended, with this ROI calculator.

Calculate ROI
The costs associated with event ROI are crucial in determining the value of an event.

This includes direct costs in the form of venue, accommodation, food & beverage, AV, entertainment, and marketing. However, there are also indirect expenses, such as staffing, not to mention opportunity costs if sales were focused on other activities.

If you don’t have the figures for each of these to hand, no problem! Even an estimate can serve as a useful guide to get you started in determining the value of your events.

There is more than just revenue to consider when calculating the benefits of an event.
In addition to revenue, commercial events boost sales pipeline by creating new sales leads and opportunities, influencing existing opportunities, and improving sales velocity. They also drive renewals and retention revenue as current customer contracts and those up for renewal are connected to the event. Additionally, external events can drive product adoption through training and certification, while enhancing brand awareness and equity through improved brand sentiment, product awareness, and media coverage.
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