With 2023 just around the corner, we want to make sure you have everything you need to prepare your events and venues for the new year.

Here are our top pieces of content that will help you with venue sourcing in 2023.


Cvent Planner Sourcing Report: Europe Edition October 2022

Download this report to discover Cvent research on European event sourcing managers' and planners' approach to their reopened events and their new priorities when it comes to sourcing venues.

Learn the Secrets for Success

The stress of booking the perfect venue for your event that meets all the required safety guidelines can get overwhelming. So, how can you find the right venue? Where should you start with venue sourcing? And how can you ensure that your events meet the threshold for safety and sustainability?

Cvent Supplier & Venue Solutions Product Roadmap

Rewatch or discover our most watched and highest rated sessions from Cvent CONNECT Europe. From planner sourcing insights, how properties can work better with CVBs, and technology discussions, find out how you can get next year off to a good start.

7 Meeting and Event Trends You Need to Know for 2023

This eBook was created to help hotels and venues navigate the booming return to events, anticipated for 2023. Find out how inflation is impacting event planners and more.

Cvent 2021 Planner Sourcing Report: Europe Edition

We surveyed 500 meeting and event planners across Europe to provide you with insights into event planner sourcing plans as we move into Q4 2021. This report will provide you with a deeper understanding of planner needs, priorities and challenges in such uncertain and unpredictable times.

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8 Ways to Level Up Your Venue Sourcing Strategy in 2023

Our blog has some top tips and advice for a more cost-effective and sustainable venue sourcing strategy in 2023.


Cvent Event Diagramming Live Demo

In this new landscape, planners and hoteliers alike are increasingly busy and in need of ways to make life easier. Discover why event diagramming is an invaluable tool for event planners and effective use of collaborative diagramming software is how suppliers can meet this planner requirement & increase sales as well as operation efficiency.