Are you running a tech savvy event programme?

Events are mission critical to your business. As we move into 2022, you’ll need to keep your grasp of event technology sharp to keep your business on track. Do you have what it takes to manage your total programme of events in 2022?

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What feature in Cvent Flex Registration is used to provide unique experiences to different attendee types:

What is a Registration Type?

I am better off using event technology…?

You have decided that as part of your event programme you will have a healthy mix of virtual, in-person and hybrid events. To achieve this goal, you should…?

You have a ‘Welcome Breakfast’ on the agenda. There is plenty of space for all invited and you’re charging €5 to cover food and drink. Should the breakfast be an included or optional session?

You need to prove your return on event investment and your return on event experience analysis to your C-Suite. What can you measure using Cvent Reporting?