Last Minute Changes

No problem, we can swap out all your postcards…two minutes before showtime.

True story: 'Twas the night before our event. Our key sponsor sent us an email requesting that all their branded content—stage banners, booth banners, presentation slides, and beyond—be swapped out with new creative. Dozens and dozens of items. We went into overdrive.

The next day they casually asked: “Hey, how was your evening?” It was… “interesting” we replied. They couldn’t believe it! They had no idea the request was a big deal. (Do elves change this stuff out?) And of course, one last small change... Two minutes before the big keynote. “Can we swap out the postcards in our swag bags?” No problem…

Whether it’s swapping out postcards, changes to the seating chart, or an emergency schedule change… last minute changes are just another part of the invisible life.


Eliminate the Invisible Workload of Last Minute Changes

While we can’t eliminate last minute changes, tools like Cvent’s Mobile Event App help you manage them. Top event pros use the app to update content on the fly and use push notifications to communicate real-time with attendees—anything from a room change to a session cancellation.
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Tips from Calix


increase in mobile event app adoption


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in printing costs saved

With printed materials if there was a room change or description update, there was no way to change onsite. So, it caused a lot of confusion for attendees.


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