Room Block Management

50 percent full? That can't be right...

One week before the event. “How’s the room block looking?” the boss asks. I hope I have the right answer. Last years attendance was high so we reserved a big block. 50% full? That can’t be right... Check the spreadsheet. Review against the attendee list. Uh oh. We better get some emails out. If only there was a better way! (Hint: there is).

Eliminate the Invisible Workload of Room Block Management

Using a tool like Cvent Passkey, top event pros largely automate the room block management process and reduce attrition in the rooms you secure. Attendees book their room directly through your proprietary event connector, an API linking your Cvent event registration to Passkey’s hotel booking website. You get Smartalerts™ telling you how close you are to full, can easily report progress to stakeholders—and eliminate the endless invisible workload crossing your fingers and hoping the rooms get booked.
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Tips from Budd Larner

Budd Larner, a long-standing law firm in New Jersey, uses seminars as one of their key marketing channels. At each of these events, up to 100 attendees travel from across the US and internationally for an average of three nights. Since beginning their program, they’ve reduced the time they spend managing room blocks by 50% and reduced costs $1,400 per seminar. Here are their top tips for success:

Relying on spreadsheets and manual processes wastes valuable time—time that could be spent making a great experience for attendees.

Use Cvent’s Event Management Software with Cvent’s Passkey—this way you have a clear view of who is attending and who has a room booked.

Use the reporting from Passkey to predict future attendance. This way you don’t over- or under-commit.

Passkey saves money, time, and albor on the Events team. We rarely, if ever, experience attrition in not filling our room.


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