Bid Adieu to Stress With Modern Event Planning Software

Picture this.

Just a couple of weeks are left until your event. As the event planner, you are grappling with several last-minute issues – a couple of vendors have backed out, your marketing guy has quit, and the client is calling you at all odd hours to get some customisation done.

What was supposed to be accomplished with relative ease has become a hydra-headed problem. And with each passing day, the problems keep increasing and you are running short of time. To top it all, the manual processes are taking a lot of man-hours to execute, and your team is pulling all-nighters on a daily basis. Under such immense stress, your team has become a nervous wreck.

Sounds familiar?

You can bid stress goodbye and make your life much easier by leveraging the right event planning software. Here is how!

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  • Taking the Mystery Out of Venue Sourcing

    How do you typically find a venue for an event? Like a lot of planners, you may start with a online search. From there, you create a spreadsheet, start to identify criteria, send a few emails, call a few locations, and come up with a solid list of potential venue options. All this leads to a very long and tiresome venue sourcing process.

    With venue sourcing tools, everything becomes much easier. What can they do? Provide a searchable database of venues, allow you to compare and contrast venues across the same criteria, easily send out RFPs, and get you set up to do the only thing you can’t do with event technology – go on-site visits. Though with the rise in VR technology, it might even help you do that someday soon.

  • Event Invites and Technology

    Printed invitations are pretty to look at, but they are also quite costly, easy to lose, and difficult to track. With online email marketing software, you can eliminate the challenges of cost and mailing associated with printed invitations and streamline and track your event registration process. You won’t have to deal with multiple excel sheets or create a manual database, which would be prone to errors.

  • Making Event Promotion Easy

    Promotion is a critical part of any event and requires creativity and some advanced planning. To create the perfect promotion plan, there are a few things to keep in mind. When deciding on how to promote your event, the main factors are time and money. Luckily, with technology that allows automation, it’s easier than ever to create more robust promotion plans as you work on event marketing. Even on a shoestring budget, you can effectively leverage the power of social media and email to promote your event.

  • Keeping Your Attendees Updated

    Events are stressful, and not just for the people that plan them. One of the major obstacles for attendees when deciding whether to attend an event is stress. It takes *a lot* of effort to set up travel arrangements, make a business case for their attendance, and miss out on a few days or more of work. One of the best ways to alleviate attendee stress is to provide them with plenty of information about the event. That’s why, when it comes to communication, you have to update attendees regularly, so they know what’s happening. In a perfect world, you would communicate so well that they would never have a question. There are a plethora of options at your disposal to keep your attendees connected and updated about the latest in your event. Apart from email and event website, you can get a personalised mobile event app created that uses push notifications, in-app messaging, and several other tools to apprise your attendee of every update!

    There are numerous ways through which event software can radically transform your entire planning experience – we have just highlighted a few. Bid adieu to stress and create wonderful event experiences that will impress your clients and enthral your attendees!

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