Alphabetising Badges

It’s 2am and we wish we were doing… anything else.

Managing registrations. It’s a task that never ends! Endless excel spreadsheets. GDPR nightmares. Badges delivered last minute or worse… written by hand. And of course. Every event pro’s nemesis. The late night (or early morning) rush to get all those badges alphabetically arranged for the attendees' arrival (they just fall off the printer like that right?). The agony. The tedium. The invisible workload of event planning.

Eliminate the Invisible Workload of Badge Printing

Top planners turn to tools like Cvent’s OnArrival and wireless on-demand badge printing. Using the self-service kiosks your guests can register, check in, pay fees and preview/edit/print their name badge on their own. No long lines, no tables full of badges, no misspelled names. No invisible workload.
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Tips from The International Fertilizer Association

The IFA organises roughly seven conferences for their members every year across several different cities with 1,500 delegates attending each event. Prior to using Cvent, staff had the arduous task of manually updating registration lists, pre-printing badges and working late nights stuffing badges, transporting them to registration tables and arranging them in alphabetical order.

Cvent’s onsite solutions (which included an on-demand badge printing system) have helped make their entire registration and check-in process seamless for everyone.

The team has succeeded in reducing onsite staffing by a 3rd as well as reducing the check-in queues for delegates.

The Mobile Event App integrates seamlessly with the registration process which allows delegates to update their own registration information; another time saver for the team.

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I would advise event managers to work with Cvent because it will really simplify their lives and their event planning. It makes an event organiser’s life much easier.

Jessica de Lagargue,
Event Planner


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