Agility & Scale

An event program shouldn’t just work one time, but every time.


What does Agility & Scale mean?

Pandemic or not, the size, scope, and rate of change in the event space demands a system that doesn’t just keep up, but one that stays ahead. Whatever your event type, format, size, or industry, it has never been more important to create a process and single source of truth to deliver event and attendee insights, and measure event performance and ROI.

Managing the event tech boom

The emergence of digital event types (virtual and hybrid) has resulted in an explosion of technologies and vendors. ​ Evaluating, purchasing, onboarding, integrating and maintaining fragmented technologies kills efficiency, silos your data, and obscures your insights. 

In fact, integrating multiple technologies to deliver the experience they wanted has been reported the most common pain reported by planners (Forrester 2021).

Take back the control

 Efficient execution

Create dynamic workflows that connect teams to meeting and event process.

Multi-format ready

Virtual, in-person, and hybrid capable technology is a must.

Single source of truth

Event and attendee insights become clear when they’re in one place. 

Zero Confusion. More Cohesion.

Saying: “Cohesion and collaboration are better than confusion and chaos” is just common sense. How can you scale your event program if you have different tech, data, processes and workflows for each one? Here are more, less intuitive reasons why it’s valuable to keep teams, tech and strategy optimized and aligned:




Standard and consistent means to analyze engagement points across any event type
Scalable and efficient processes that can serve large, global audiences
Experience-ready for in-person, virtual, and/or hybrid event types, whether you’re an attendee or host

Solutions that Provide Agility & Scale

Creating an agile, scalable event marketing channel starts with leading event technology. 

Use Cvent’s Event Marketing and Management Platform to:

  • Deliver one source of truth for your events 

  • Create a standard and consistent means to analyze engagement points across any event type​

  • Build scalable and efficient workflows, templates, and process approvals that can serve large, global teams​

  •  Flex your technology to serve multi-type and format for the entire channel

  • Take charge of budgeting and track costs

DuCharme McMillen & Associates Case Study

“Cvent allowed us to scale up and produce more events efficiently…I really feel like Cvent is the DNA of our events program.”

- Kim Scott, Senior Regional Marketing Manager

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