Mobile Event App Build Timeline

We know building mobile event apps can be tricky business. You need to build a project plan to keep track of all the activities that must be done, and you have to ensure tasks are finished on time to meet the launch date for your event. It would also help if you worked in enough time to promote the mobile app to engage your audience and get them excited about your event.

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Graphic & Design

Upload graphics and review your theme, icon park , and navigation icons. Event Icons, Splash Screens and at least one banner should be uploaded before publishing your event.

  • Download the requirements for the app-level graphics
  • Download the requirements for the event level graphics

Event Content

We recommend that 80% of your content be uploaded by your Event Content deadline to get a good idea of what your app will look like, but content can be modified or added at any time before and after publishing.

  • Start with the sessions template, which also includes your speakers

App Review

It’s time to review! Double-check your app settings, design sections, and Event Checklist to see if anything is missing.

  • Learn how adding speaker photos, sponsor logos, and FAQ pages can make your app shine.

App Marketing Plan

Create a marketing plan to drive app adoption at your event.

  • Check out the marketing pages for a sample plan and resources

Publish Event and Submit App

Finalise your app settings, event settings, and graphics before publishing your event and submitting your app. Let the support team know when you’re ready.

  • Preview your event one more time before publishing
  • Whether it’s your first time, or you’re resubmitting updates, learn about the submission process in the Knowledge Center


Available in Stores

After Apple’s two-week review period, your app should be available in stores. Use the App Download URL from the Marketing Resources page to check on your app’s availability.

  • Review your app one more time before announcing its release to attendees


Attendee Invitations 

Customise your email invitations and then Send Now Invitations  to invited attendees to download the app.

  • Add a personal touch to your attendee invitations

  • Send attendee invitations